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Recovery Stories: How I kicked pain's butt

This is the place for sharing stories of personal success: small, medium, and humongous! Just knowing that others have done it is sometimes just the thing you need to remember that you can do it too.

Questions about primary pain

Primary pain is a new umbrella category doctors are implementing for chronic pain. And there’s so much to learn about this - neuroscience education, new treatments, failed imaging, oh my!

Pain conditions

This is the place to ask questions and share experiences about specific conditions.

Pain tips

Here’s where you can share tips and tricks that have helped you: manage a pain flare-up, fall back asleep, get through the work day, manage a relationship, run a little farther, or anything else that you’ve found helpful to move through the pain.

Questions about treatments

Primary chronic pain science has opened up so many new treatment options. Here’s the place to ask about them and get your Qs answered by people who’ve tried them and doctors who prescribe them!


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