Difference between Dr Sarno and neuroplastic pain

Hi hi ! After reading the Dr Sarnos book and the Alan Gordon a book I wonder what’s the big difference between them …. I mean Dr Sarno explains the emotions can affect the body structurally so there is physical problem so I need to work so try your emotions . While the “way out” book says there is nothing wrong in the body but it’s just in the brain … so I’m a bit lost … if u know the difference of the 2 approaches ?
Thanks :blush:

Hey @Carojoons! My understanding is that Dr. Sarno believed emotions caused pain via a process he called Tension Myositis Syndrome, whereby emotions caused blood vessel constriction and other physiological changes that resulted in back pain. Those physiological changes didn’t constitute structural pain or damage, they were just a process in the body (one that was reversible with the right perspective or techniques for emotional management).

We now know that the connection between chronic pain and emotions is a bit more complicated and involves the brain, memory, and the nervous system (the results of 20 years of pain neuroscience, which is what The Way Out is based on, and which Dr. Sarno didn’t have available to him at the time he was practicing). However, Dr. Sarno was correct in that emotions can have a deep impact on one’s pain, and that’s where he and Alan Gordon agree.

Shorter answer: both Sarno and Gordon believed emotions impact pain in concrete, measurable ways, and both believed that emotions’ effects on the body are primary/TMS, not a structural cause.

I hope that’s helpful!

Oh thanks a lot for your answer .
So the key is not only working with emotions right .
I’m super scarred of new pain coming in my body recently since I rod those 2 books it’s worse and worse … even though I understand is nothing wrong with the body its so scarry to know it’s my brain working against me . It feels that more I work out with NPP and more my brain tries to challenge me , it’s a war ! When I talked about it yesterday to my husband and cried : bam 30 min after a new pain cane and did not leave since …. Last time w this happened 3 months this ago the other pain pain is still here …. It’s like the brain is getting new territories with time …. I had 2 painful areas before the books ( that I had for 3 years) 3 months ago and 6 now since the books . OMG :scream:

@Carojoons I’m sorry that your pain has been flaring like that :disappointed_relieved:
Have you been trying any of the techniques that Alan gordon discusses in his book? (like somatic tracking?)
I love this quote: “If my brain can learn pain (in an area that is structurally fine)… it most certainly can unlearn this pain.” (I read it here: Jodi’s story: From the Cliff’s Edge Back to Solid Ground (and the Music Studio) | Lin Health)
I love this quote because it means that brain-driven pain is actually a hopeful diagnosis.

thanks for your hopefull words :slight_smile: