Dr's vs Fibromyalgia Pain

Finally a website that ACTUALLY knows what they’re talking about!!! 21 years I’ve seen MANY Dr’s, I’ve been told Fibromyalgias not real, I’ve been re diagnosed within 3 seconds of the so call Pain Dr walking into the room telling me I don’t have Fibromyalgia I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lol. Way to dismiss this ungodly pain I’ve lived with for over 20 years. O and here’s with BEST comeback from a Dr of all people “it’s all in your head”. I absolutely lose it. Well of course it’s all in my head dumba%$$$#!!! The pain receptors are in your brain!!! I can’t believe these Dr’s take oaths to help people yet I’ve been dismissed, accused of lying, humiliated and thrown out of offices because I need help sooooo bad and I’m beyond desperate but yet here I am yet again. I’ve known people to commit suicide over this. The pain some days just becomes to much!!! I honestly feel there’s no end in site but death.


@Avangaleen You’re in the right place! The entire team at lin.health understands that primary pain conditions like fibromyalgia are indeed a pain processing disorder and that the pain experienced in primary (neuroplastic) pain is very real pain - (there’s no other kind!) We have several coaches that had fibro for years and discovered brain-first tools and techniques, and lived to tell their stories of recovery.
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Is fibromyalgia the same as myofascitis? If not , what is the difference?