How do u do when u have pain 100 times a day

I m working with somatic tracking ( The way out book ) but how do U deal with pain when u hve it every time you move ? Every time u bend … every time you live …. It’s just impossible to work on it with somatic tracking and sending safety messages when it’s more than 100 times a day …… or ? :frowning:
Thanks for tips

Hi Carojoons. I hear the frustration in your post. It is so common that the pain feels overwhelming as if it is consuming every part of our day. Somatic tracking works best if we can utilize it when pain is low or moderate, vs high. If tracking the pain feels like too much right now it can be helpful to track neutral or even positive sensations first. You can try somatic tracking the feelings of your feet (if there is not pain there) or perhaps the feelings of the sun on your skin. This is a way to show our brain that there is safety within our bodies.

Thanks a lot for your advices and kind words. I will listen :slight_smile: