Isn’t pain structural when it becomes worse after u walk for 5K?

So much pain in my glut muscles after a little hike (5km) doesn’t it prove it’s structural ? Doctors did not find any prob in my muscles except tensed muscles ( and yes a trochanterit) but the after hike pain came into my but muscles ( lower back and but ) … it removes my hopes that it could NPP …

Hey @Carojoons, great question. Working through symptoms that arise with exercise can be challenging. I have three thoughts to offer as you think through this:

First, when we do diagnostic assessments for Primary versus Secondary/Structural Pain, we look at how the symptoms behave. Consistent pain in your glutes during and throughout the hike could indicate a structural issue, while pain that only comes on after a hike indicates a protective response by the nervous system (which is Primary Pain).

Second, I like to think about symptom characteristics. Is the pain unilateral (one sided) or bilateral (both sides)? Does it change from side to side? Structural pain is very specific to an injured tissue, like a muscle or ligament. It shows up consistently when using that injured tissue. When pain exists on both sides, or changes sides depending on the activity/day, there’s less specificity to an injured tissue. So Primary Pain is suspected.

Third, when muscles have a lot of tension in them, as your doctors found, I always look to the nervous system and brain. Because the nervous system and brain are the ones who control tension and activity of all the muscles in our bodies. When a person is getting a tension response in a specific part of their body repeatedly, it’s typically because the brain has decided that that part of your body needs protecting. And protective responses are an important aspect of Primary Pain.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything I’ve said or answer any follow-up questions!

Thanks a lot ! Answers are a bit in a grey zone … first 3km : no pain … then gradually I felt tensions in my both sides glutes, all lower back and a nasty point only on the right side glute … then could not walk , sit straight during 2 days , and then pain dispearred complitly 2 days after … it’s hard to identify which kind it is :frowning: let me know if it can help to understand better …
Thanks a lot

Sorry for the delayed response @Carojoons, but to your description: no pain to start, bilateral pain in glutes and lower back, even with a focal point in the right side glute, suggest the pain is not specific to a damaged tissue (i.e. “right glute strain”), and so would fall under the heading of primary pain. That’s without a full workup and review of your medical history, just basing on what you’ve told me. If getting resources around this pain or having a diagnostic session are things you’re interested in exploring, I’d get in touch with the sales team at Lin Health (970-598-0523), or check out resources at