Long COVID and primary pain questions

Has anybody here treated their Long COVID or ME/CFS or other chronic illness using this approach? I’d definitely appreciate any tips specific to this condition as there is still a lot to be learned about it and it’s hard to think of pain comes from the brain when I know there have been people with organ damage, etc. or other problems. I also have POTS and MCAS from COVID so I’d love to hear those stories as well. Thanks!


Hi! I’m sorry you are dealing with all that. Yes they have! This Might Hurt has some great recovery stories (Long Covid — Neuroplastic & Mind-Body Resources — This Might Hurt) and I’ve worked with a few people to retrain their lungs and vagus nerve to feel better. My symptoms started after a virus I had in high school and would be classified as post viral syndrome nowadays, I used to have MCAS and fibromyalgia/CFS and no longer do. There’s hope! Hang in there. :hugs: There’s also a gal on instagram named Jen @jcamylee who healed herself from long covid/POTS/MCAS/ME/CFS. Keep looking for answers and having hope! I know you will find what you need. Good luck and keep us posted!!

Hi! Yes, this approach is absolutely relevant for long COVID. There is currently a clinical trial underway testing this at Beth Deaconness hospital, headed by Michael Donnino. And a paper just came out finding basically no differences from a medical/organic perspective between people with and without long COVID, suggesting that mind/brain processes are a likely cause of persistent symptoms: Long COVID's underlying causes still elusive in new study : Shots - Health News : NPR

try some of these techniques out on your symptoms and let us know how it goes!! Yoni

Just to follow up on what Shannon and Yoni shared on here, a patient of mine had great success with curing her long-COVID syndrome (fatigue, headaches, muscle pain) using this approach of nervous system regulation (breathing, vagus nerve exercise) and re-exposure to activities and hobbies she was avoiding because of her symptoms. There’s a lot of fear around long-COVID, and we know that fear can exacerbate and perpetuate symptoms in post-viral syndromes. So I’m very pro-mindbody approaches for this particular condition :slight_smile: