Pain during day

How do y’all cope with chronic pain

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Hi @Amanda_Hall . I just saw this note.

Out here, a great many of us work with folks that have chronic primary pain, meaning, there’s no physical injury that’s causing the pain, rather the source of the pain is a pain processing disorder (a cycle our brain has learned to create). So, we use what’s called a brain-first approach to teach the brain a new way to respond to pain.

That’s why this community is called Pain Rewired, because we treat pain by “re-wiring” our brain.

We always start with learning about pain first, then we move to specific techniques to start unwinding the pain experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about brain-first, try tagging anyone here (just use the @ symbol and add a name to it in your next post), and in the meantime I’m going tag you in a couple conversations you might appreciate.

Thats how this works! Tag, communicate, learn!

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