Pregnancy and risk to develop more NEuroplastic pain

Hello ! I wonder if becoming pregnant when u suffer from chronic pain can put u on high risk to develop new pain ? With pregnancy and most of all giving birth ( in case of complications or if u get any injury , or even if u need ç-section ,then because my brain is already in bad shape with chronic pains, maybe it can give even more risks to develop more pain problems ) …

Funny thing about this post is when I had my now 22 year old the pain started. I didn’t understand what was happening, I went to ER’s, Doctors, Specialists… Was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (I believe because Fibromyalgia wasn’t a common diagnosis back then). Then something happen that was crazy!!! I got pregnant AGAIN and all the pain went away. I went to the library and researched a lot about Rheumatoid Arthritis and it does say it can go into remission when you get pregnant. It totally did!!! Until I gave birth. Then it came on 100 times worse. I’m not trying to scare you and I’m by no means a Dr but that’s my story with pregnancy and this whatever I have. I haven’t had a Dr that’s cared enough to ACTUALLY look into it. I believe because they can’t figure it out. Well isn’t that great for them? They get to go home and sleep and get up and function like a normal human being should while we can barely get out of bed or off the couch. Ok, done ranting but wanted to answer your question. Take care dear

This is not soemthing i needed to hear… not at all… even though im super sorry for u :frowning:
I d like a professional answer with facts about neuroplastic pain and not a diagnos that i dont have ( rhumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgie).

Hi @Carojoons - from what I’ve learned about neuroplastic pain, all sorts of life events can lead to the development of neuroplastic pain. These can be both positive (like getting married) and negative (a challenging relationship, losing a loved one, etc). Big life events can put our brain on high alert and so it’s possible for neuroplastic pain to develop. Pregnancy definitely counts as a big life event!
The good news is that neuroplastic pain is reversible :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

I wouldn’t worry too much friend, this work is exactly what will lead you out of any dark place. Don’t be afraid. Life needs to be lived.

thanks a lot for these encouraging words ! it gives hope