Recovery Story from TMS (Too Much Stress)

I’ve been working with my pelvic pain and fibromyalgia (over 15 TMS symptoms) for a couple of years now and what worked for me was the moment that I realized that I didn’t need to fix anything. The signal of pain was a message and what needed to change was my relationship to the message.

This somatic message has shown me sadness, grief, love, and anger. It also has shown me how my childhood traumas have shaped my life. It has shown me to care for myself and be patient because I am still learning all the wisdom that the messages have for me. I accept myself more and face my fears head on because I know that my friendly signal is only here to protect me.

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@Marisela_Cigliuti_BS it’s amazing to hear how much Mindbody work and perspectives have changed your relationship to your symptoms and your self. There’s such wisdom in our bodies when we’re willing and able to listen without judgment. Honored by your sharing.

I had pelvic pain for 7 years until my low back pain started. Now I do not experience pelvic pain nearly as bad or as often as before since I developed low back pain. I guess my brain focused on the low back pain and it allowed for my pelvic pain to get rewired?