Struggling & not very adept at reaching out…

Continuing the discussion from Struggling and not very good at reaching out/ even after the beginning of healing journey that began in Aug. 2017:

This is more aggravation than I can handle now.

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Jodi. I’m so sorry to hear that it’s so hard right now. CRPS is a nasty condition, and I wish that it was all behind you already, but as we all know, the human experience is complex and dynamic - and the work of “unlearning pain” is a journey.

I spoke with a woman this week who has CRPS in her dominant hand (started after surgery, like you). She’s been working the Lin program and seeing great success, like you, but also shared that she has flare-ups from time to time. And that they’re scary.

She told me that she tries to keep herself out of the pain-fear-pain-fear loop because once she goes there, in her words, “it’s a black hole.”

I asked her what helped her through her toughest times, and she said “somatic tracking, meditation, neuroscience education, and talking to her coach.”

@Judolc703 what do you need to do to create a headspace that allows you to tap into those tools?

Reflecting your words back to you:

  • My fear-busting thought: I can take a step (or two) back and not just dive into the pain/fear cycle. I can instead observe and be curious, and not judge myself or the pain. And if there’s an emotional cause for a flare-up, I can use my tools to handle it.

Thinking of you and sending loads of good, neuroplastic-pain processing vibes your way.

Your friend,

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Hi @ SarahZ:: I need to review the tools I have & totally implant them in my brain :brain:!!! And keep doing some of the practices… I have a few new ones from Deb. I must keep a large space in my brain for these tools/ as to create less space for the pain. It was definitely a learning experience// and not a healthy one. Thank you for the information & questions for me & what I need to do when/ if this happens again, and we all know it will :: BUT I WILL BE MUCH BETTER PREPARED:: as I felt blindsided this time. Thank you :pray:… Judolc703/ Jodi