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  • People who are committed to reclaiming their lives from chronic pain gather.
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  • You meet the others. Knowing that others have healed themselves from chronic pain allows the possibility that you can do it too.

Simply put, Pain Rewired is the place where we remind each other that recovery from chronic pain is possible, and we celebrate the heck out of every positive step towards that goal.

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Hi :wave: I’m Alissa. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 18 and suffered for many, many years with pain and embarrassing GI symptoms. Discovering how powerful my brain is in controlling my physical experience completely transformed my life! I’m here to learn and offer support, encouragement and hope.


Hi! I’m Amital. I developed chronic back pain a few years ago that left me scared I’d be in pain for the rest of my life. A chance encounter with a pain psychologist led me to discover the new neuroscience of chronic pain and the possibility that my pain was reversible. It’s been a journey learning to relate differently to all the types of pain I experience - MSK pain, headaches, cramps, stomach aches, and more. I want to learn from other people on pain journeys, who have made discoveries about their pain and learned to relate to it differently.


Hi, my name is Prema. I have been dealing with chronic pain (mostly sciatic type symptoms down both legs) for the past 27 years. I also have bilateral knee pain, and sometimes symptoms in my arms and hands. I’m here mainly for the support of hearing from others who are on the same journey, applying the same techniques. Maybe I will learn some new approaches, or just be inspired to keep going.


Hi , I’m Cindy, I’ve been experiencing chronic pain and a plethora of other conditions for about 35 years including Fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS, POTS, MCAS. I’m looking forward to hearing about other’s journeys. Lin has helped me a lot in the past several months and am looking forward to making a full recovery.


So nice to connect with you out here @cindy, welcome! It’s super inspiring to hear that you’ve made a lot of progress in the past several months. Yippee!

I’m Sarah. I’m passionate about understanding how to share the idea that pain recovery is possible with the masses. Nice to meet you!

Two questions for ya:

  1. What is the most important change/shift you’ve made so far?
  2. What message do you think is most important for other people living with chronic pain conditions to hear?

Hi! I’m Ashlie. I’ve been managing chronic pain for about 7 years now, without a definitive diagnosis or knowledge of the cause. It is only on the left side of my face but is absolutely debilitating and has severely limited my life. I am hoping to learn from others and find new ways of thinking.

Hi, I am Ruth. I have been fighting chronoc pain for more than 20 years, through surgeries and countless procedures and many (usually arbitrary) medication changes.

I just want to be functional again.

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@Paisleykaat welcome! I totally get what you’re feeling. So many of our community members have been in your spot before. And I’ve learned a ton from other people here that’s helped me get back on track. Just know that everyone here is here to help!


“Ginger.” I want to hear how other people are dealing with pain for years and years and gain some tools and hope

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Hi @JudyD Welcome. Try using this @ symbol and adding a few people’s names and see what kind of response you get.

@Smash I just saw your message here. Welcome! Have you had a chance to look around? I just saw this conversation about mind-body and pain and wanted to share it with someone. Let me know if it resonates.

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