What the heck is this?

Never heard of primary pain…help

Hey @armone - here’s a pretty comprehensive overview from some of our clinical advisors answering that very question!

What is Primary Pain

Take a look and let me know if that helps. It’s a relatively new diagnosis, so you’re not alone in wondering what the heck it is!
Looking forward to your reply.

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ok so many questions - so basically primary pain is when the brain sends signals to the body that it’s in pain even if there’s no damage to the body?
is this common? I’ve never heard a doc talk about this the way the docs in that video talk about it.
how would i know if i have primary or secondary pain?
and any examples of those exercises that can help that the main doc brings up at the end?

Great questions! You are spot on - one way to think of it is like a pain signaling disorder or a hypersensitivity in the nervous system. It’s actually super common. The diagnostic code for primary pain just was released with ICD-11 in January 2022 (ICD-11 are the codes doctors use to diagnose/ bill for different types of care), and a lot of doctors aren’t even using ICD-11 yet! It can take 5-7 years for new diagnoses like this to hit the mainstream. It’s essentially an umbrella diagnosis that covers a ton of conditions like back pain and fibromyalgia - even migraines and IBS!