Yes. You can heal your chronic pain, even with a scary diagnosis

I attended the first half of Tara’s webinar last night. I was so bummed to miss the end (and look forward to the recording so I can finish up!)
I was so moved by your story (and the way you told it) and also @Shannon 's (it was a double recovery story treat!) #inspired :hearts:
And I just wanted to ask…you said there wasn’t ONE single thing that changed everything for you - but rather lots of little “bread crumbs” along the way that added up to one giant ah-ha…
Knowing that, where is the first place you suggest someone start on their personal journey out of chronic pain? What bread crumb would you throw out there first?

I am curious to hear these recovery stories. I was on a webinar yesterday and I believe @Shannon answered a question I had. I’d love to hear from her as she has a similar diagnosis to me. I need some tips and encouragement from someone who’s been through it.

Hi @Janai - nice to meet you out here :hearts:

Indeed, recovery stories are so powerful - as I’ve heard @Shannon say on more than one occasion, just knowing that other people have healed themselves from chronic pain gives the hope that you can too.

I’m not sure which webinar you saw, but including two personal recovery stories that are both very inspiring.

  1. Shannon’s personal story: How a Primary Pain Diagnosis Changed My Life
  2. Tara’s story (co-hosted by Shannon as well!) Yes. You can heal your chronic pain, even with a scary diagnosis

@Prema @JudyD @Smash @Paisleykaat @cindy - have y’all seen these yet?

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Hi @Janai! Totally, I had trigeminal neuralgia and it was really awful. There’s a ton of fear and really awful things said about the disease so first it was important to distance myself from all of that. Second, someone once told me “nerves heal”. Every time I had a “twinge” I would remind myself, “what if this could get better” “nerves heal” “i’m going to be okay”. I also would lay down and breath or mediate or distract myself. But over time the twinges got less and less. And every time I met that fear/pain sensation with safety and decreased my danger alarm, it helped my brain to unlearn that pain. Hope that helps! It can get better! Happy to talk more. I sent you a link to schedule a call over on the dashboard!

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Thank you so so much! I really needed to hear from someone who knows that it really can be overcome. I scheduled a phone appt with you on Monday I believe. Looking forward to talking with you.

Thanks again ,

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I just had to highlight this incredible line. From someone who has lived to tell the tale and help others to re-wire their brain pain. Thank you so much @Shannon this is very inspiring.